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Laser Tag Gun Reviews

There is a wide variety of laser tag guns available in the market, which makes it quite challenging to decide on which one to buy. This is worse if you are a first-time buyer of the laser tag guns, as you might not know what features to look for. This guide will highlight the main features of some of the best laser tag for kids that you can find in the market.

Family Games Laser Night Birthday

laser tag gun graphicAs the name suggests, this is a perfect choice for a family game night. It has team settings that are unique, which allows you to choose from four different blasters. Each blaster has its weaknesses and strengths concerning reload time, range, and damage. Among the top features is that it is very safe, with an output of only 0.4946 mW. It is also easy to customize and requires no additional equipment or tools to begin a battle. Materials used to make it are quite robust, which makes it durable and suitable for outdoor experiences.

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Activities

The most notable thing about this brand is that it is among the few in the market which can fire up to a distance of 130 feet. It has four gun settings, which are Rocket, Submachine Gun, Pistol, and Shotgun. Another impressive feature is the ultra-realistic shooting sounds that it produces as it vibrates and lights up during the action. The infrared is rated at 0.9 mW.

Nerf Official Phoenix Multiplayer Exclusive

Realism is what makes a laser tag brand to stand out among the rest, which is what can be said about the Nerf Official Phoenix Multiplayer Exclusive. When fired, it produces a boom and recoil that is almost similar to a real gun experience and can shoot to a distance of up to 120 feet away. The vibrations felt during action are also quite impressive. The only drawback is that it accommodates only two players at a time.

Infrared Laser Tag Guns Vests

This brand is known for applying the manufacturing standards that are quite sophisticated to give you top functionality and quality. Its package comes complete with night vision flashlights and target vests. It even has an invisibility mode. Its design is ergonometric and ideal for the entire family. Each blaster uses 3 AAA batteries, and so do the vests. The only drawback for this brand is that it is quite expensive, though understandably so.

Features of the Best Headphones

Buying a set of headphones can be a very daunting task if you do not know what to look for. The following are some of the features of popular headphones that you need to have in mind.


lady with headphonesThis is a vital feature to look out for when buying a set of headphones. Any headphone will feel okay if worn briefly. However, if worn for long, most of them become uncomfortable. You need to wear the headphones for about twenty minutes before you decide about comfort. The larger the ear cups, the better when choosing the closed-back headphones. For the other types of headphones, the smaller, the better. The leather or fabric padding can soften the pressure.

Weight is a consideration when it comes to long-term comfort. Lighter headphones usually are comfortable. Super-light portable types with foam pads are great for extended listening.


Portability is usually not an issue. If you are listening while doing physical exercise, you should get lightweight, portable designs that are suitable for this. Traditional stationary studio works require the heavy closed-back headphones. Laptops and computers have however made on-location recording popular. Such an application needs sealed-cup, closed-backed headphones which are bulkier. The fold-up designs are portable and will protect your headphones in transit. You should also have a protective case for the recording headphones when traveling.


headphone with cable

Ensure the headphone cable is long enough for your needs. However, avoid exceptionally long cables if possible since they can affect the sound quality negatively. This is by introducing noise and lowering the volume. They also become entangled easily. A better-quality headphone will have a shielded cable to minimize noise. If you buy headphones with very short cables, you may add extensions. Also, check the cable design. Single sided designs have circuity which carries signals to the right earpiece. They are preferable as the double-sided types become tangles easily.


Everyone wants to buy headphones that will last. Durability unfortunately often equates to heavyweight. You can snap or sit on light headphones half more easily than heavy. You have to be careful and keep them in protective cases when not in use. For fold-up design, it is essential to check their hinges for sturdiness. You need to confirm the availability of replacement parts in case you are buying expensive headphones. It may be cheaper replacing the cable than the whole set.


With these features in mind, you can get a pair of headphones that will serve you best. Also, consider the price tag of the headphones as it may determine the features that the headphones come with.

Five Tips to Pick the Best App Developer

Without any doubt, more people continue to use mobile devices because they can access the internet as well as mobile applications. Some mobile apps are developed with unusual traits, and for this reason, the corporate sector is taking advantage of such applications to market and sell their services. Almost all firms are moving towards the mobile strategy to promote their businesses.

Nonetheless, you must ensure that you develop a useful app to raise your company sales. If you are not good at application development, then you should leave the work to the specialists. The pointers as discussed below will assist you with unmatched mobile application development services.

Certification is a Must

Not all application developers can do an excellent job. Only those with the necessary certificates can go above and beyond your expectations. Certification is enough proof that you are dealing with the right people for the job. You will have peace of mind knowing that skilled professionals are working on your project. For this reason, its vital to check the certificate of the mobile app development service provider before hiring them.

Check Track Record

app developmentThe main reason why you develop a mobile working on your project is to get it downloaded by many clients so that you make maximum profit. When picking a mobile application development services provider, you should find out if they have ever worked on any significant project or not.

Having a closer look at the apps that they have developed and how they have performed in the market will help you unearth more about their efficiency and dedication towards work.

Reputation Matters

The reputation of the firm in question also matters a lot. Before hiring its important to discover more about the status of a company. If you take your time, you will come across numerous testimonials of both past and present clients of the company that shed more light on their capabilities. Ensure that you avoid app developers with a tarnished reputation like the plague because the odds are that they don’t create high-quality applications.

Look for Reasonable Pricing

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get great applications. Thus, you should get free quotes from three or four firms that you have shortlisted for the job so that you pick one that offers the services that you need at affordable prices.

Hunt for Vast Experience

Don’t just hire the first developer you come across because they might have a difficult time trying to meet your requirements. Look for app developers that have been in the industry for a while now because they have what it takes to create error-free applications within the shortest time possible.

If you are searching for an application developer now, you have lots of knowledge when it comes to determining the one that will suit all your requirements. Remember that the developers that you choose can affect your business negatively or positively in the future. What are you waiting for? Start your search for a leading application developer online today.

Monocular Buying Guide

When it comes to monoculars, buying the perfect one that is right for you may be quite challenging. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a regular monocular shopper, deciding on the best monoculars to buy can be quite complicated. In this particular case, there are several different features and considerations that you need to keep in mind when you are thinking of purchasing the right one that is for you.

However, you shouldn’t be worried because you have come to the right place. This article is a little guide for you to follow when you are looking to buy a monocular. We will give you some useful tips and considerations to make it easier for you to buy the perfect monocular for you. This article is your guide to buying a monocular. In this article, we will discuss and talk about several factors and features that you need to put into consideration.

Magnification Level


One of the most important features to look for if you are looking to buy a monocular is the magnification level of the gadget itself. The magnification level is one of the elements that determine the strength of the optical device. It is the feature that delimits how far and how clearly you can see objects and things that are located far away from you. The best ones are the ones with the higher magnification level since that will allow you to see further things better and more apparent.

Lens Quality

Another feature that determines the strength of this optical gadget is the quality of the lens. People often think that the bigger the lens, then the higher the quality. However, now, smaller lenses may also have fantastic quality. With that being said, the size of the lens doesn’t matter, but you need to purchase one with high-quality lenses since it is advisable.

Size, Weight, and Type

monocular and ruler

Monoculars can be used for all sorts of hobbies, such as bird-watching, hunting, and many others. The advantage of these gadgets is that they are light-weight and smaller in size. That is why when buying these optical devices, people tend to buy ones that are smaller in size and lighter in weight. However, it all depends on your preferences.

You should also think about what you use them for. So if you are planning to use them at night, you might want to consider buying a model that has a night vision feature. If you are planning to use them around water, then you should consider purchasing a waterproof type.


Of course, with everything being said, it all comes down to your budget. How much you are willing to spend will impact profoundly on the quality of the monocular itself and its performance. You should always make a budget when buying something and stick to it. However, price does equal quality. So if you want a good one, you have to consider paying more.

Facts About Rotorazer Circular Saws

The rotorazer saw is used for cutting different materials including PVs, metals, hardwood among others. It comes with three cutting blades and an efficient dust removal system. The rotorazer saw is a small circular saw as shown on television. With this tool, the hardest jobs can be completed easily. It is versatile, easy to use and lightweight. It is perfect for handling hardwood, metal, steel, drywall, marble and ceramic tile. Its efficient dust removal system is helpful in making sure that the work area is tidy.

Choosing the Right Blade for Your Circular Saw

wood cutting blade

A circular saw that has a good blade can cut metal, wood, plastic or steel efficiently and smoothly. Its blade is very important. The efficiency of this tool depends on it. Choosing a wrong blade can injure the user or destroy his/her material. The user can get a comfortable experience when cutting wood or metal by selecting the right wood. Some of the important features that need to be considered when choosing the blade of a circular saw include blade type and size.

Blade Teeth

The teeth of a circular saw are essential when cutting materials. Saws that have more teeth are considered to be more effective than those having few. They are also known for providing a smooth and better cutting. The number of teeth ranges between 24 and 80.

Safety Features

Circular saws have protective features that enhance the user’s safety. For instance, some of them are designed with anti-kickback and friction-reducing coatings.

The following are the different types of lades using in rotorazer saws:

Wood Cutter Blades

Plywood wood and construction blades are the common types of wood cutting blades. Construction blades have more teeth, and they are known for providing a smooth cutting. They are mainly used for deep cutting. On the other hand, plywood blades have lesser teeth which make them perfect for less smooth cutting wood cutting blades are equipped with deep gullets for carrying away sawdust.

Metal Cutting Blades

These are toothless blades. With this blade, heat expansion slots are used to cut materials. They are mainly used for cutting non-ferrous, metals, copper, aluminum flashing, aluminum siding e.t.c. These blades work slowly because heat is produced during the cutting process. Sparkles are produced when cutting metals.

Masonry Cutting Blades

They are useful in cutting hard materials such as concrete and stone. They are also used for cutting soft materials such as concrete blocks, bricks, ceramic tiles e.t.c. This blade doesn’t have teeth. Instead, they have fiber-glass silicon carbide abrasives. There are two types of masonry cutting blades. One is for cutting hard materials such as granite, ceramic tiles, and marble. The other type is designed for cutting soft materials such as limestone and concrete block, and brick.

Advantages of Vaping over Smoking

Every generation has an invention that defines it. For our current generation, the e-cigarette is one of the inventions that define us. Smoking e-cigarettes are what is known as vaping. Vaping was created specifically for smokers who needed an alternative to burning conventional cigarettes. Vaping, therefore, has life-changing qualities that make it desirable as compared to smoking conventional cigarettes. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that vaping has over smoking.

Saves Money

vapeOnce you take up vaping, you will realize that you will be saving a lot of money that you used to spend on cigarettes. This is because cigarettes cost more and their prices are continuing to grow. You will also be saving a lot of money that you would have used on doctor appointments, insurance and purchasing new clothes.

Less Social Stigma

Smoking cigarettes have its fair share of social stigma. People around you from your spouse to your friends and families will not be comfortable with you smoking around them. When it comes to vaping, you will experience warmer acceptance from the people around you. People who used to have a problem with your smoking will now accept you if you switch to vaping.

No Cigarette Breaks

When you smoke cigarettes next to people, you have to take a break to move away from them. This means that you can miss out on the best moments or the best part of a game or movie. With vaping, there will be no more breaks. This is because with vaping, there are no dangerous smokes involved and no ashes. You can, therefore, vape even when you are with your friends without it affecting them.

Smoke-Free Hair

When you smoke cigarettes, the smoke can get into your hair. This will make your hair to smell bad. People around you will complain when they tell you that your hair smells like a chimney. If you switch to vaping, your hair will smell and feel clean. Your significant other will love to run their fingers through your hair.

Whiter Teeth

teethSmoking cigarettes can discolor your teeth. This is because cigarettes contain tar that will make your teeth to lose their white color. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, don’t produce any tar. This means that your teeth will remain white when you vape. You will be able to smile all you want knowing that your teeth are white.

Thrilling Ways of Using a VR Device

AI2Virtual Reality (VR) has brought a new way of consuming media. Inspired by game, the technology’s ultimate goal is to facilitate the user to have an immersive experience of being right in the middle of the cyber environment. Watching movie with VR is no longer the same as watching it from a cinema. Playing FPS will be more exciting. And there also other ways that VR can be the best at its use.

Horror games

An adventure role-playing game like Skyrim boasts its immersive environment and is already too mainstream to discuss. What you should try are the horror games.

VR2If you have Oculus Rift, the top horror games would be Alien: Isolation, Wilson’s Heart, and Dark Days. Alien: Isolation follows the canonical story of the Alien franchise. But instead of blasting your way to play, you should master cloak and dagger skill with the xenomorph. Wilson’s Heart tells a story of you, the protagonist, who has just lost your heart and got trapped in a haunted hospital. Things later turn out to be very different from their first impression. Dark Days takes the template of classic setting. You will find the environment similar to Bates Motel and its original version, Psycho.

With VR device, experiencing horror games is entirely different from playing them on screen. The helplessness will be much more real and the jumpscare will literally make you jump out of your chair.

Live events

VR1You can enjoy not only the fictional world but also the real one. If you happen not to know it, you can watch Super Bowl with VR device. It will be much cheaper than buying the real ticket for the real chair. You also need to spend money on the transportation and meals. VR pampers not only your sight but also your wallet.

If you are more a fan of music concert than a sports match, the VR device gets you covered. Live Nation, Citi, and NextVR worked together in 2017 to bring musical performances of famous musicians, such as the Slash and Little Steven, to VR device. Music promoters also have realized the potency of this technological innovation and have invested in making more concerts available in VR.


If you want to use the device for a naughty purpose, the adult industry has also thought the same. Major porn sites, like Porhhub, Virtual Real Porn, BaDoinkVR, and Naughty America have all dedicated their efforts in producing porn videos that are compatible with VR device. Virtual Real Porn is an exception because its video can be synced with high-tech sex toys, like Lovesense and Kiiro.

Apps that Can Make Your Love Relationship More Tech-savvy

None of our life is free from technology, including our love life. These days, apps developers have targeted lovebirds to enjoy the use of Android and iOS for the benefits of their relationship.

If you are one among the tech-savvy people who want to integrate all aspects of life with technology, especially love, then read below to learn more.


Gadget LoveBetween is a cute app aimed at lovebirds who love to communicate with expressive emojis. Some are even suggestive and kinky, implicitly containing seductive messages.

The app ensures the privacy of the users. You can upload photos and memos, features that resemble Instagram but only between you and spouse. The app also cleverly reminds you of your romantic events, which can be very useful if you are a man because men tend to forget about special dates.

The only downside about Between is that the app does not allow you to make a video call unless you purchase the feature. It has other awesome in-app purchase items, such as more complete collections of emojis, expanded video and audio share capacity, high-quality photo sharing, and multiple uploads.


Love CodingCouple has the basic features that Between also has, such as calendar, in-app call, memos, and photos. Except, there are two other unique features the use of which is up to your imagination.

The first is the real-time sketch feature. You and partner can share your doodles anytime and anywhere. It facilitates your romantic playfulness, instead of relying on an already-made emojis that do not have any authenticity.

The second feature is the Thumbkiss. It makes both your phone and your partner’s to vibrate as you touch the same place in the app. As the name suggests, perhaps the developer wants that feature to accommodate lovebirds who love to kiss their phone screen after a talk.


SextingKouply is an interesting app because instead of facilitating communication between lovers, it focuses more on the reward system. When you please your lover’s heart, you can earn a point as agreed, and Kouply keeps track of the point accumulation.

The app makes a relationship more like a game, which can be either beneficial or disastrous to you. Everyone has their own style of having a relationship. If you want to use the app, make sure you have discussed it thoroughly with your partner, especially if he/she is a sensitive person. Some people even think that using a reward point like Kouply suggests is not a healthy way of nurturing love. It monetizing the love, they say.

Nevertheless, if you are cool with new things, then the app is highly recommended. If you are kinky enough, you and your partner can even use the app to determine who receives the ‘punishment’ this weekend.