Tips for Conducting a Background Check on Someone You Know

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A background check is a process of investigating someone’s criminal history, credit score, and personal references. It is important to conduct a background check on someone you know before you hire them, date them, or even allow them to stay in your home. As more and more people are meeting their significant others online, it’s important to know how to conduct an online background check on someone you know. Keep reading for tips on how to do a background check the right way.

Consider the Context

When conducting a background check on someone you know, it is important to consider the context in which you are doing so. For example, if you are considering hiring someone you know for a job that involves handling money, you will want to do a more thorough background check than if you are considering hiring them to babysit your children.

Some things you may want to consider are whether the person has a criminal record, whether they have been sued in the past, and whether they have any financial troubles. You can get this information by doing a search of public records or by contacting the person’s previous employers. It is also important to remember that just because someone has a clean record doesn’t mean they are necessarily suited for the job you are hiring them for or a relationship with you or the like. Sometimes people make mistakes and learn from them, while other people may be repeat offenders.

Be Emotionally Prepared for Anything


There is no way to completely prepare yourself for the potential findings of a background check on someone you know. However, by being emotionally prepared for anything, you can at least brace yourself for whatever may come up. If you do find something troubling in the background check, it is important to remember that it is not your place to judge the person. You may not agree with their choices, but it is their life, and they deserve to be treated with respect.

Gather Information

When conducting a background check on someone you know, there are some key steps to follow in order to ensure that the search is as accurate and complete as possible. First, it is important to gather as much information about the person as possible. This includes their full name, date of birth, Social Security number (if available), addresses for the last several years, and any other identifying information. Once you have this information, you can begin your search online.

Review Results Carefully

Once you have selected a site, enter the person’s name and other identifying information into the search engine. Be sure to review all of the results carefully, as there may be multiple listings for the same person. If you find any criminal history records associated with the individual, it is important to take note of the dates and nature of the offense(s). Keep in mind that just because someone has been convicted of a crime does not mean they are automatically unfit for employment, volunteer work, or a relationship with you; however, it is something that should be taken into consideration.

Approach Them Gently


If and when you’ve found something in the person’s background that makes you concerned, it’s important to approach them gently. After all, you don’t want to scare them or cause them to feel like you don’t trust them. Instead, try to have a conversation with them about the issue. Explain why you’re concerned, and give them a chance to explain what happened. If they can provide a reasonable explanation, then you can move on. If they can’t, then you’ll need to decide whether or not to trust them.

Conducting a background check on someone you know is important for a variety of reasons. First, it can help you protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Second, it can help you make informed decisions about whether or not to associate with someone. Finally, it can help you uncover any potential red flags that may be associated with that person. The above are tips to conduct a background check on someone you know smoothly.