About Katie Emily Bray

Katie Bray is one of the most successful lifestyle influencers in the United States. She started this site as a personal blog, and has been building her global audience ever since. KatieEmilyBray.com has now evolved into a full fledged online publication that attracts an average of thousands of unique visitors per month. Katie’s first book The Southern Girl Boss Guide was released in May 2020. 

Katie Emily Bray appeals to those who want to celebrate life’s little adventures, while also creating purpose and meaning through personal success. Whether you are exploring your path to a dream job or a new city to call home, buying your first home or a ticket to travel to a new country, learning a language or a new skill – Katie Emily Bray, and her mighty team of experts, are here to inspire and encourage you to reach beyond your wildest dreams.

Our Team

Senior Editor

Coraline is our Senior Editor at KEB. Like Katie, Coraline has southern roots, as well as transatlantic tendencies. She spent over four years in London and Spain, and she is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked in publishing and editing for close to a decade. She’s a lover of R&B music, brunching with friends, and her weekly pilates class.

Social Media Coordinator

Taylor is the Social Media Coordinator at KEB. Born and raised in Seattle, she has never made it to the East Coast, but has a feeling that when getting the chance to visit, she’ll fall in love with it. She studied Fine Art and Photography in college and her work has been featured in Teen Vogue and Wit & Delight.

Content Specialist

Born in San Diego, Aylin grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and then attended NYU. She lasted 4 years in New York before heading back to the West Coast. Before serving as the Content Specialist for KEB, she worked as an Editor at Cupcakes and Cashmere, and her work has been featured in Apartment Therapy and the LA Times. She and her husband Jonah currently live in San Francisco.

Senior Staff Writer

Zara lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Chase and three young children. She is not only our Senior Staff Writer, but she is a stay at home mom that fills every spare minute with writing, designing, and creating content for multiple lifestyle blogs. She is also an accomplished pianist and interior designer, and she loves helping others balance motherhood with personal passions.

Staff Writer

Esme is a freelance writer, career coach, and podcast host, as well as being one of our full time Staff Writers. She calls Atlanta home with her dog, Alfie, and husband, Joshua. She has had work featured in The Everygirl, Apartment Therapy, and Buzzfeed. She has a passion for helping women advance their careers and organize their personal finances.

Staff Writer

Brielle is one of our Staff Writers, as well as a fashion aficienado, jumping from writing to designing to personal shopping and modeling. She loves all new creative ventures. After graduating from University of South Caroline, she moved to Paris for two years to follow her dream of fashion writing. She currenty resides in Savannah with her cat, Cleo.

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