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4 Business Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

With more women than ever since the 1980s displaced from the workforce during a global pandemic, many savvy women are turning to entrepreneurship from home as a way to keep their resumes fresh while juggling online schooling for their kids or remote work with day jobs. While times are tough for women all over the world right now due to current events, female entrepreneurs are putting on their creative thinking caps and getting it done. If you’re a female entrepreneur determined to make it through unconventional times with the ability to multi-task, read on for four ways to make it happen.

1. Fashion and Jewelry


There’s nothing wrong with embracing your femininity. If you’re considering opening an online shop or have a business idea around health and beauty because it’s something you’re passionate about, go for it. Whether your potential type of business juggles lab created engagement rings with custom earrings or you hope to run a subscription box company for people who enjoy old photographs, every great business idea begins with passion.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss and have always had an interest in gemstones. If you’re knowledgeable about clarity, carat cuts, and jewelry for special occasions, there’s no time better than now to begin your plans for your small business idea. If you’re laid off from your full-time job during the pandemic or are working from home as a life coach, using free time to become a female founder of a small business is a great way to both occupy and empower yourself during unconventional times.

2. Advancing Social Causes


If you’ve always wanted to own a business or even already do, it’s important to remember that some products are digital. Not every product is tangible in a physical way. If digital messaging and becoming involved with social causes is something that interests you, do some research on how to start a nonprofit, how to tie your current business to charity organizations, and more.

Many of the best ideas for female entrepreneurs have been born from advocacy work. Maybe you have a business as a personal trainer but are also passionate about human rights. You could tie your company’s brand to equal access gyms and nutritional diets that tie to a social media influencer. Not only might this help your brand, but it would give you the satisfaction of knowing your company’s making a difference, too.

3. Networking with Women


For some women hoping to start a new business, it’s a good idea to join social media groups, platforms, and forums to begin working with other women entrepreneurs. In networking, a large community of women business owners can get more things done effectively. Women with years of experience are often more than willing to lift up other women interested in female entrepreneurship. New or not, reach out to your peers.

4. Helping the Community


Businesses cannot function successfully without the support of a community. It only makes sense for women who own businesses to check their mission statements and actions to be sure they are giving back, too. A business that is involved in the community, including the online market, is more likely to have success than one that’s only looking out for itself. Become a team player and ask yourself regularly how your business can step up to make a change in your community. More than ever, it probably needs you, too.

In the end, female bosses are making it happen in spite of unusual circumstances. By teaming up, paying attention to community needs, and owning their femininity while showing that girl power, women of all ages, and life circumstances are building a new future together. If you’re a woman who is considering starting her own business or already has one, find ways to network with like-minded women to get the job done.

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