How To Become a Professional Musician in 2022

a man playing a guitar

Music is a game-changer for virtually everything that we do in life. Sound and performing arts make everything better. The aural medium provides a depth of character to visual arts, and it adds emotion to an otherwise bland palate that often takes hold of the world around us. Just think about the emotional weight of a movie scene in which the audience is introduced to the main character or when the home team comes rushing out of the tunnel and onto the field before a big game.

The sounds that accompany everyday events provide an atmosphere of the spectacular that simply can’t be topped. These additions are created and tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of the moment by professional musicians. Musicality is something that lives within us, and for millions of people in the United States and worldwide, fostering this gift becomes a lifelong dream. Becoming a professional musician is often at the forefront of many people’s imaginations. However, most people who play an instrument think that some mystical barrier to entry exists between the lands of hobbyists and professionals, but the truth is that a professional musician is simply one who gets paid to play their craft.

Whether you’re dreaming of becoming the front person for the next massive super-group or you love the piano and want to bring your game up to the next level, becoming a professional in 2022 is entirely possible if you are willing to work at it and never give up. Keep reading to discover how you can get paid to do the things you love in the world of music this year.

Gig work can help you get your foot in the door.


Gigs might not sound like the most glamorous opportunities in the world of music, but the truth is that even some of the biggest names in sound got their start working in the background of others. Those who are technically proficient trumpet, guitar, or piano players can make good money freelancing as sound artists for television, movies, online content, and games, to name just a few outlets.

Content creators are always on the hunt for elements that can take their products to the next level, and fortunately for musicians, the addition of key soundscapes can provide this emotional journey that writers, artists, storytellers, and educators are searching for. Get your foot in the door with these opportunities and start building a portfolio of great work that can propel you to the next level.

Publishing on digital streaming platforms makes professionalism easier than ever before.


In addition to other opportunities, it’s easier than ever to publish your own content that can be used to promote your talents and grow a library of songs, snippets, or samples. Getting your musical content on large streaming platforms like Spotify is as simple as recording and then leveraging easy-to-use distribution channels that make for a streamlined publication process. No longer is there a gatekeeper in the form of corporate record labels standing in the way of independent authorship of musical content. If you’ve already been writing music, adding it to streaming services is the next step to take on your musical journey.

Play live to build a following that can propel you to the next level.


Of course, anyone who has the ability to play live should do so. Playing for audiences in your local community and in other venues around your area is a great way to gain essential exposure for your brand. Your music will inspire and move people, and as you continue to play for larger and larger audiences, people will go out of their way to find your next performance and become fans of the art you’re putting out into the world.

Consider these approaches to become a musical professional this year.