6 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

a living room with a couch and a painting on the wall

Unlike a book, people will judge your house by its cover. Your home’s exterior provides buyers and insurers with a first impression, either good or bad. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you simply want to increase your house’s value, there are several easy ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. From adding greenery to your front lawn to changing up your garage door to power washing your patio, improving your curb appeal will make it easier to sell your home while giving you a sense of pride in the bargain.




Set up a budget for outdoor improvements.

Improving your home’s exterior can get expensive very quickly. The most important step in your home improvement journey is to set a budget. Set aside money for materials and labor. Homeowners who work with professionals to update their exteriors tend to spend, on average, $6, 570. You can, of course, make some improvements on your own, however, it’s always best to set aside extra funds, just in case.




Update your landscaping.

A simple way to improve your home’s exterior is to address any landscaping needs you’ve been avoiding. Prune back your shrubs and bushes. get your hedges trimmed, pull the weeds, mow the lawn, and remove any unsightly stumps. Then, consider working with a sustainable landscape company to give your front yard a face-lift. Planting native plants in your garden will not only be more sustainable, but it will add some character to your home.


If you’re struggling to find out more about designing the ultimate curb appeal, reach out to a professional like Lifescape Colorado—a company that specializes in sustainable landscapes in Colorado. While you’re developing your front garden, consider planting fragrant, native flowers. Flowers add eye-catching color, of course, but homebuyers consider a house using all of their senses. Fragrant plants will charm them and keep them interested!




Embrace symmetry.

When it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal, utilizing symmetry is the way to go. Symmetry draws the eye and is aesthetically pleasing. Frame your home’s door with colorful planter gardens. If your front porch has a stairway, make sure that its hardware is clean and updated. Then, place large, identical potted plants on either side of the base of your stairwell.


Give your walkway a symmetry boost by lining it with pavers that direct the eye back to the front of the home, making the front door the focal point. If your garage doors are looking a little worse for wear, install a brand-new garage door. RW Garage Doors are as durable as they are eco-friendly and beautiful. Installing new garage doors will improve the overall look of your home, while also elevating its symmetry quotient.




Lighting is key.

Place updated sconces on either side of your door to frame your home’s entry. This will give your home a polished appearance. You may also consider placing solar-powered lights along your home’s pathway to direct the eye to your house.



Don’t forget the backyard!

Many homes’ backyards are visible from the street, making the backyard just as important to a home’s curb appeal is the front yard. Keep your backyard’s lawn mowed and power wash your back patio. Most importantly, make sure that your pool has a fence. Having a fence around pool will not only keep your family safe but will bring future home buyers peace of mind as well. If gates aren’t your style, you can always get a removable pool fence that can go up during the summer months when your pool is in use and uncovered!



Finishing touches make all the difference.

It’s always the little things that people notice, so make sure to hang new house numbers, paint the trim around your windows, and refresh your mailbox. You also want to repaint your front door! Consider replacing your welcome mat, while you’re at it, and placing a welcoming wreath over your entryway.


Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just improve its outward appearance, following these tips will elevate your home and undoubtedly increase its curb appeal.