Tips for Online Dating With Hearing Loss: How to Feel Confident With Your Disability

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Everyone wants (and deserves) to be loved. However, for some, it can be harder to find romance than it is for others. Many times, finding a companion or starting a relationship comes down to confidence, which is why it’s important to have self-confidence before you get on the dating train. That being said, sometimes finding that confidence is easier said than done. It can take a long time to build, and may not even happen at all, especially if you’re self-conscious about a specific physical attribute or disability you may have.

Hearing loss is one of many disabilities that might incur these sorts of feelings of inadequacy. But, remember, you’re just as worthy of getting a date as anyone else is! Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to meet others online, which means that you don’t need to worry about your hearing loss playing a role in your initial interaction(s). Here are some tips for those who are online dating despite hearing loss, to help you feel more confident in yourself.

Start things slow online before transitioning to in-person meet-ups.

If you’re worried about someone judging you for your hearing issues, it’s important to remember this one, significant, rule: those people are jerks who don’t belong with you in the first place. With that being said, it doesn’t hurt to start things off slowly by chatting online or via a video chat app first. Doing this can help you forge a connection before you ever meet in person, meaning that your date is far less likely to dismiss you for any reason.

Pick up some hearing equipment when dates become in-person.

Once you do transition to in-person dates, it’s not a bad idea to make sure that your ears are equipped to help you make the most of your date. After all, many dates happen at the movies or in crowded restaurants, where it’s necessary to be able to hear either the activity or the other person. Plus, they’re likely to have little experience of interacting with anyone who has any level of hearing loss, so will not be accustomed to adapting their communication as yet. Little things, such as facing the person that they’re talking too so that their lips can be read, or remembering to speak in a specific direction, tend to be adjustments that come naturally with experience. (Yes, that is code for more dates!) As such, it may make sense to get a hearing aid so that you can start things off with a better handle of what’s going on, and truly enjoy the company of your date. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, so it’s easy to find the best hearing aid for your comfort and your hearing needs. Hearing aids have come a long way and are truly technological marvels. There is a type of hearing aid for every level of hearing loss, and the sound quality has drastically improved with modern technology. Nor are the contemporary models particularly noticeable, as new hearing aids tend to be small devices, to look more like an accessory rather than an obvious method of amplification. Advanced features such as Bluetooth capability and wireless connectivity have also helped in moving away from the cumbersome design of the traditional hearing aid, making them less apparent and upping the wearer’s confidence in their appearance. Obviously, it is always advisable to check with an audiologist or hearing specialist to make sure that you are making the right choice, but they can also help with any adjustments to fit the user’s needs. As the cost of hearing aids drops throughout the United States, it would be silly not to sign up for assistive hearing technology, even if it is just for a trial period. Gone are the days of relying on a quiet room to have a good chat with your date, with a good pair of hearing aids you can now hold a conversation in more noisy environments (so get your dancing shoes on!) A better hearing at an affordable price is a win, but growth in self-confidence has no price range. It is a priceless victory— especially if it leads to first, second, third, and more, dates…

Spice things up with some new lingerie.

As things progress, you may find yourself in the bedroom with your new flame. It’s important to remember that the language of love doesn’t always need words in order to be enjoyed, so you shouldn’t worry too much about any communication disorders you may be dealing with. In the bedroom, your bodies will do the talking! Even so, it might be worthwhile to spice things up a bit by picking out some sexy lingerie. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, so you can pick something simple and classic, or go cheeky, and get some lingerie that screams how adventurous and risque you can be. Women’s lingerie comes in all forms and sizes, from XL bodysuits to petite sleepwear, and the best sellers tend to be well within price range too. No matter what you or your partner’s preferences in lingerie is, you’re sure to find something great, evoke the passion, and make the night extra special.

Be yourself!

Ultimately, having confidence during your date comes down to feeling comfortable in your own skin. As such, it’s important to do everything in your power to be yourself while on your date. That might mean putting on some perfume or cologne that always makes you feel like a million bucks, or it could be by wearing an outfit that assures you of just how great you look. Whatever it is, finding a way to stay true to yourself will help you to relax and enjoy your date. Best of all, when you’re not trying to be someone you aren’t, you make it much easier to connect with your partner. So put your best foot forward, and take that leap into the dating game. You won’t regret it.