Fun Gift Ideas for Any Family Member

a family sitting on a bed

Christmas may be over, but there are still plenty of occasions that are going to need your gift-giving prowess. Aside from the typical occasions such as birthdays or bar/bat mitzvahs, it is easy to lose inspiration for knowing what to get your loved ones during the special occasions dotted throughout the year. But to make matters worse, the coronavirus pandemic is still sweeping across the United States and forcing loved ones to spend time away from each other.

Luckily though, we have some pretty long sleeves and plenty of tricks still up them to give you a few ideas on some fun gift ideas for any family member.

For the Traditional Type

You can never really go wrong with clothing, but it can get a little bland can’t it. Wardrobes all over the U.S. are stuffed with polos, dress shirts and blazer a-plenty that have been worn at the grand total of one time, before being resigned to nothing more than an expensive gallery of moth food.

So it may not be the worse idea to add a little function to your gift, should you opt for the clothing route. Consider this; when the restrictions are lifted, how many people are going to be travelling again? Is your loved one one of them? If so, maybe you can surprise them with some high quality travel clothes.

NxTSTOP clothing brand may be the best option here. Their range of men’s travel shirt consist of durable polos, lightweight crewnecks and wrinkle-free slim fit shirts. The best part about this wrinkle free, lightweight and incredibly well tailored texture with the breathability to die for, is that the technical fabric is made from layered with bamboo, meaning that whilst it provides sun protection to keep you cool in hot weather, these travel clothes will also keep you warm. The only downside is that as travel clothes, they should only be worn during vacations, but no one is going to blame you if you use them all-year round.

For the Sentimental Type

For the loved ones who enjoy having a memory or keepsake on display in the most focal point of their homes, a better option would be to appeal to the warmth that these sentimental ornaments bring. Perhaps you can help them keep a snapshot of their life in the form of photo prints and a great frame to insert them into. Bigger pictures can easily become canvases to put inside a wall frame, while little keepsake photos will be the best places in a locket or magnet.

However, keep in mind the frame pictures will be put into. Frame styles of any size and shape are available from Shutterfly for all of your favorite photos to gift a loved one, so you can get your photo prints and look through frame options at the same time.

For Those “Tough-To-Buy-For” Loved Ones

We all have ’em–those wonderful relatives who would be pleased with anything that you get for them, but already appear to have everything. Sure, a good travel shirt and sweater would be nice, and a new favorite photo frame would be great choices. That said, maybe they just aren’t into accessories. There are some good lists out there that can help you get started, but ultimately in order to get the gift that will mean the most to a loved one, you’ll have to do a little bit of research. Look into their interests and hobbies, where they go during a weekend, and try to tie your gift into that.

Alternatively, if they, like so many of us during the pandemic, have felt they have lost their creative edge of late, then get them an experience to enjoy. Art classes, acting groups, writing centers or photographic sessions may reinvigorate their interests, and if not then they have a new experience to enjoy.