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Which Career Paths Are Most Impactful?

Whether you’re looking to switch careers later in life or are just beginning your first career, deciding which career path you want to go down can be stressful and intimidating. If you’re unsure exactly what you want to do, browsing through some of the most impactful career paths is a great way to spark some inspiration as you go about your career search.

Healthcare Professionals


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming a healthcare professional was already among the most impactful career paths a person could take. Since the pandemic, the importance of healthcare has only been reinforced by the current state of the world. This profession requires endless amounts of passion, devotion, and education. If you like helping people and are comfortable in a medical setting, there are many career paths within healthcare for you to take.

The most well-known profession within healthcare is a doctor. Doctors are experts in their respective fields and are called upon to handle various cases and save lives. If the idea of becoming a doctor sounds interesting, it’s important to consider the extensiveness of the coursework that comes along with medical school and residency, which can range between seven to 12 years depending on what type of doctor a person is studying to be.

If you are interested in other leadership roles within patient care, then it is a good idea to consider becoming a registered nurse or nurse practitioner. Earning a degree in nursing is much less demanding than a medical school; however, for some this occupation can be even more rewarding. An RN or MSN degree received through an accredited collegiate nursing education is the best way to ensure a successful, long run within this respected career path.



Legal occupations are also among some of the most impactful career paths a person could take, as there are many specialties and legal issues that an attorney or legal professional can work on. Attorneys are one of the most prominent positions in the legal system, as there are so many different specializations and practice areas. Whether it be a prosecutor, criminal lawyer, public interest lawyer, family lawyer, district attorney, or another type of attorney, this career path allows people to fight for justice and what they believe is right.

Becoming a lawyer, however, is not the easiest feat. In order to even begin this career path, a person must first take the LSAT exam in order to receive admission to a United States law school. Once in law school, law students must work toward completing a specific number of credit hours in order to gain experience to earn a Juris Doctor diploma. If you’re interested in law school and would like to know more specific details, like for example, what criminal lawyers do, then it may be in your best interest to research various types of law and the criminal justice system in order to determine whether this is the best career choice for you.



Without educators, our society would not be as successful as it is today. Educators are essential to learning and development, and everyone within the education field is equally as impactful as the next. From pre-school teachers, high school teachers, and professors of master’s programs, the variety of settings and levels of education programs and degree programs are all crucial to our success within the United States. Earning an education, whether it’s an online degree, a bachelor’s degree, or an associate’s degree, will allow a person to earn a higher salary than the average salary within their field. Without this wide variety of educators and education programs in the U.S., many people would be unable to fulfill their career goals.

If you enjoy helping others and want to inspire people to reach their full potential, then this is the most impactful career path for you.

Do what you love.


Remember, what you may believe is the most impactful may not necessarily be what others believe to be the most impactful, so it’s important to follow your passions and choose which impactful career achieves your professional goals and will be best for you! If you’re still working on your career goals and are unsure exactly which direction you’d like to take, influencers such as Samuel Ramey provide wonderful advice in determining your next step toward achieving success. Ramey would be the first to say that working in a field that you’re passionate about is the way to go. Whether you’re interested in law or being an opera critic for the New York City Opera, take a cue from Ramey and follow your heart.

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