Tips for Taking Your Tarot Reading Business Online

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Historically, tarot cards have been associated with Romani fortune-tellers and secret societies such as the Masons. Today, though, tarot readers are more open about their practices—and could be just about anyone you pass on the street. Growing acceptance (or at least tolerance) of non-Christian religious and spiritual practices means nearly anyone can embrace the art of tarot without fear of persecution. The internet and related technologies, too, create a vast pool of knowledge for those looking to learn tarot, and opportunities to receive a reading no matter where you are in the world.

If you’re an experienced tarot reader who’s built a small business around this skill, you might be looking to move that business into the digital world. However, an online tarot reading business is an entirely different beast than one focused on face-to-face readings. Nevertheless, this is a challenge that can most certainly be overcome and you and your favorite deck can help people across the globe learn about themselves and their lives.

Hone your intuition.


As a tarot reader, understanding tarot cards is a vital skill. When reading tarot in a virtual workspace, though, your intuition might find itself challenged. While performing an in-person reading, your understanding of your tarot cards and your interpretations of them are influenced by the querent sitting in front of you.

Even if you’re reading tarot over video chat, it won’t be the same as tarot reading with the subject there in person. The best way to develop your tarot reading abilities in a virtual setting is to practice honing your intuition over digital communication streams. As an online tarot beginner, consider setting up a few divination sessions with friends to improve your abilities.

Find effective ways to advertise.


Like with any business, you need to ensure your target audience knows about your services. As a new online business, you‘ll want to try a few different ways of advertising, and your first step must be learning how to do just that—or hiring someone who can.

You might seek out a product video production expert for a creative approach to promotion—through the different angles and audio/visual effects making up the video production process, you can create a marketing video, explainer video, or even testimonial videos to attract your ideal clients.

Outline your process and services.


For your next step, you’re in luck—you already have a head start if you’ve created an offline tarot business. Take some time to outline how you’ll perform an online tarot reading and what types of readings you’ll offer. Potential clients will turn to these details to determine whether you’re a good fit for their tarot needs. At this stage, you should also consider the pricing model you’ll use to sell your tarot services.

Understand e-commerce in its simplest sense.


Thanks to the convenient well of information that is the internet, you don’t need to become an e-commerce expert to open an online tarot business–if you come across something unfamiliar, you can research it in an instant. However, it’s important to understand some basics, like what platforms are available and any legal components you have to consider, to get your new endeavor off the ground.

Whether you’ve got a thriving offline tarot reading business already or you’re turning to online tarot readings as a new project entirely, creating an online tarot business doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right research, good product video or other marketing resources, and a thorough understanding of your services and how you’ll offer them, you can join mystics of old in providing tarot card readings to those who want them, offering valuable insights into their lives and the pleasures and challenges that await them.