The Ins and Outs of Telemedicine

a doctor holding a tablet

Telemedicine has been rapidly growing in popularity since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the highly contagious virus overwhelming doctors and making it difficult to meet with health care professionals in person, telemedicine has been the most logical and convenient option for many Americans. Telehealth isn’t a new idea or concept, but it is still very new to many health care providers. Telemedicine hadn’t been used to this extent in the mainstream, but the rise in the necessity caused by the Coronavirus has left many health care providers without any other options for seeing their patients and providing medical advice.

How is telemedicine changing the prescription drug industry?

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people in the United States, and around the world, out of work. With the cost of healthcare and prescription medications already being so high in the US, many people are unable to afford the medicine that they so badly need during these trying times. Oftentimes, even with insurance coverage, the out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs can still be overwhelming. Thankfully, telehealth and technology, in general, are changing the way pharmacies and prescription drug companies operate. With the help of third-party telehealth companies like America’s Pharmacy, more and more Americans are able to afford their prescription refills by getting the best deal possible at the pharmacy.


America’s Pharmacy offers prescription discounts without any membership fees or deductibles. They understand that prescription prices can often stand in the way of people receiving the health care they need, and that’s why they’re committed to helping people find the best discounts in order to get their medications at the lowest price possible. Their discount program and coupons are accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the United States. Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy are two of the most popular nationwide pharmacies that hundreds of thousands of American’s fill their prescription medications. This is why America’s Pharmacy’s RX discount card and coupons work with CVS and Walgreens pharmacies to ensure that patients can receive the discounts they need while still seeing their regular pharmacist with whom they’ve already built a relationship over the years.

How do cancer patients receive treatment via telehealth platforms?

One of the major concerns of people during the COVID-19 pandemic has been access to health care, especially for people with serious chronic conditions. Cancer patients, in particular, have faced many obstacles since the onset of the pandemic. As a person diagnosed with and being treated for cancer, your immune system is already under a great deal of stress. It can be incredibly dangerous for immunocompromised individuals to go out into the general public during these times, and many cancer patients face the greatest risks. This is why the telehealth option is so important to cancer patients during this time.


Telemedicine visits have become a lifeline for people who are considered “high risk” for contracting the COVID-19 virus. Many oncology patients need to visit their oncologist and clinic on a regular basis, but because of the pandemic, they are unable to make in-person visits. The Regional Cancer Care Associates offer cancer care telemedicine through all 31 of their locations. They understand the effect the current public health emergency is having on oncology patients, and the use of telemedicine can change the way cancer patients receive the care they need. Virtual visits with the Regional Cancer Care Associates allow even cancer patients from other networks and outside oncologists to receive much-needed medical advice, lab work test results, and, most importantly, health equity.


Telemedicine is evening the playing field for high-risk individuals during this public health crisis caused by COVID-19. A simple virtual visit can act as consultation for cancer patients and their caregivers. The Regional Cancer Care Associates prioritize care teams and patient education. You can meet with a specialist virtually and create a wellness plan together for moving forward during the Coronavirus public health emergency. First-time patients can speak with a medical oncologist during their telemedicine appointment to plan future in-person screenings and lab work. Telemedicine appointments are especially useful for patients that reside in rural areas. Traveling a long distance to see a specialist or radiation oncologist can be incredibly hard on the patient’s body and overall wellness. With the help of telemedicine, cancer patients can receive the same level of attention as they would with in-person care from the comfort of their own home.