How to Help Your Student-Athlete Excel in School

Being a student-athlete requires a lot of time management, commitment, and hard work. However, success in both the classroom and the playing field can be manageable with the right support and guidance. This article will explore four ways to help your student-athlete excel in academics and athletics. Keep reading to learn more.

Creating a Balanced Schedule


Helping your student-athlete create a balanced schedule is essential for their success. A well-structured schedule includes allocating time for school, sports, and rest. Sit down with your child and map out their typical week. Identify when they have classes, practices, games, and time for homework and studying. Discuss the importance of setting realistic goals and prioritizing essential tasks, such as school assignments and upcoming exams.

After creating a schedule, assist them in adhering to it. Use a physical or digital planner to keep track of their commitments and deadlines. Encourage them to check in regularly to ensure they stay on top of their responsibilities. Helping your child prioritize their time effectively will also allow them to develop essential life skills that will transcend their high school experience.

Scheduling can become even more crucial during high school athletics season. Find out when your child’s season starts and prepare their schedule accordingly. This may include adjusting their time on their schoolwork to accommodate any physical activity or training changes.

Encouraging Academic Support

Although your child may excel in sports, it’s crucial not to neglect their academics. Encourage your student-athlete to seek academic support when needed. This may include attending study groups or tutoring sessions, seeking assistance from a teacher, or turning to online resources to supplement their understanding of topics.

Efficiently communicating with teachers is another critical aspect of maintaining academic success. Regularly touch base with their teachers to ensure your child stays on track with their schoolwork. Encourage them to communicate with their teachers about their sports schedule and any potential conflicts, enabling them to work together on finding solutions.

Additionally, help them understand which organizations and honor societies could be beneficial, such as the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). You may want to read various sources addressing is the NSHSS a scam, which dives into the organization’s legitimacy. By learning more about them, your student-athlete can have access to the resources they need to excel in school.

Emphasizing the Importance of Rest

With a demanding schedule of schoolwork and athletics, your student-athlete must recognize the importance of rest. Ensure they get adequate sleep each night, which is essential not only for their mental and physical health but also for academic success.

In addition to sleep, encourage them to take breaks when needed. Working or training for an extended period without breaks can lead to burnout, detrimental to their overall well-being. Remind them that taking time off from sports and schoolwork is okay to relax and recharge.

Lastly, address the possibility of injuries and stress the importance of listening to their body. Emphasize that taking care of oneself through rest, nutrition, and stretching can help prevent injuries and keep them playing and performing at their best.

Fostering Effective Communication


Effective communication is vital for both academic and athletic success. Regularly discuss your child’s goals, accomplishments, and challenges. Encourage open and honest discussions about how they feel physically and emotionally. Together, you can gauge their progress and identify areas where they might need additional support.

Additionally, encourage them to communicate effectively with their coaches and teammates. Developing strong relationships with coaches can provide valuable guidance and support, while open communication with teammates can lead to successful teamwork on and off the field.

Ensure that you, as a parent, are also actively communicating with your child’s teachers and coaches. Foster positive relationships with these individuals to build a supportive network to help your student-athlete excel in school and their chosen sport.

Creating a well-balanced schedule, encouraging academic support, emphasizing the importance of rest, and fostering effective communication will help your student-athlete excel athletically and academically. Working with your child, their coaches, and their teachers can create an environment conducive to success both on and off the field.