Are You Ready To Open an Independent Salon?

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People attend beauty salons for many reasons. These places offer a variety of cosmetic treatments and services for their customers. Salons offer hair-cutting, styling services, hair coloring, nail treatments, waxing, hair removal, facials, skin care treatments, tanning, and massages. Independent salons provide customers with peace of mind that they will feel and look their best once they leave their appointments. With such services, salons provide their skills to a clientele that values beauty, but also want a place that will allow them to relax and unwind.

As an entrepreneur, opening an independent salon is a great idea. With over 77,000 locations existing in the United States, this cash cow industry, with the assistance of 4,500 barbershops, recently helped to bring in combined revenue of $20 billion. The beauty salon industry is a service industry, and such businesses tend to do very well financially. As with any business though it helps to have an idea of how to successfully run such an enterprise. We’ll answer the question of whether you’re ready to open an independent salon, by listing what’s needed to open a salon. By providing these tools, you’ll be that much closer to opening your own independent salon.

Invest in Insurance


When you open a beauty salon, you want to make sure that your business is first insured. This will provide you with some peace of mind and a little financial security at the same time. Insurance is a protective blanket of sorts. In the unfortunate occurrence of an accident happening at your salon, or your store or piece of salon equipment being damaged, such coverage can provide your business with much-needed protection. This coverage provides protection from financial loss and is a form of risk management.

After seeking out the assistance of a company that provides such coverage or finding this type of protection on comparison websites, you’ll see that your salon has a variety of selections when it comes to different types of coverages. Some business-related insurance that you might come across includes income protection insurance, disability insurance, income protection coverage, short-term disability coverage, long-term disability coverage, and medical insurance for your employees. Having this protection will also help your beauty store workers to stay secure in the knowledge that they will be covered if anything ever happens to them on the job. Obtaining insurance for your business is a good way to prepare yourself for opening a beauty salon.

Beauty Salon Equipment

As a beauty salon owner, you definitely need tools for your trade. In order to properly provide services like hair-cutting, styling services, hair coloring, nail treatments, and waxing you have to stock up with the equipment needed to handle these salon services. When you begin asking yourself if you are ready to open a beauty salon, make sure that you have completed this step. After you determine what your salon will offer, check your budget. This will let you know what you’ll be able to afford, and what equipment needs to be prioritized.

Review your list of salon equipment and supplies that you’ll need, and make sure you’re getting the correct amount. Look for durable salon chairs like barber chairs (if you have a barber on staff), hydraulic styling chairs, and dryer chairs for those services which require, well, sitting. Seek out other pieces of beauty salon equipment for more message-oriented services like electric lift massage treatment tables, manual lift massage beds, portable massage tables, and portable rollers. After purchasing major equipment pieces like these, look into investing in smaller items like storage cabinets, station shelves, wet stations, bowl parts, spa equipment, and skin care accessories. Stocking yourself up with this quality equipment will bring in many customers, and provide your beauty salon with financial security in the years to come.