Advantages of Vaping over Smoking

Every generation has an invention that defines it. For our current generation, the e-cigarette is one of the inventions that define us. Smoking e-cigarettes are what is known as vaping. Vaping was created specifically for smokers who needed an alternative to burning conventional cigarettes. Vaping, therefore, has life-changing qualities that make it desirable as compared to smoking conventional cigarettes. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that vaping has over smoking.

Saves Money

vapeOnce you take up vaping, you will realize that you will be saving a lot of money that you used to spend on cigarettes. This is because cigarettes cost more and their prices are continuing to grow. You will also be saving a lot of money that you would have used on doctor appointments, insurance and purchasing new clothes.

Less Social Stigma

Smoking cigarettes have its fair share of social stigma. People around you from your spouse to your friends and families will not be comfortable with you smoking around them. When it comes to vaping, you will experience warmer acceptance from the people around you. People who used to have a problem with your smoking will now accept you if you switch to vaping.

No Cigarette Breaks

When you smoke cigarettes next to people, you have to take a break to move away from them. This means that you can miss out on the best moments or the best part of a game or movie. With vaping, there will be no more breaks. This is because with vaping, there are no dangerous smokes involved and no ashes. You can, therefore, vape even when you are with your friends without it affecting them.

Smoke-Free Hair

When you smoke cigarettes, the smoke can get into your hair. This will make your hair to smell bad. People around you will complain when they tell you that your hair smells like a chimney. If you switch to vaping, your hair will smell and feel clean. Your significant other will love to run their fingers through your hair.

Whiter Teeth

teethSmoking cigarettes can discolor your teeth. This is because cigarettes contain tar that will make your teeth to lose their white color. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, don’t produce any tar. This means that your teeth will remain white when you vape. You will be able to smile all you want knowing that your teeth are white.