Apps that Can Make Your Love Relationship More Tech-savvy

None of our life is free from technology, including our love life. These days, apps developers have targeted lovebirds to enjoy the use of Android and iOS for the benefits of their relationship.

If you are one among the tech-savvy people who want to integrate all aspects of life with technology, especially love, then read below to learn more.


Gadget LoveBetween is a cute app aimed at lovebirds who love to communicate with expressive emojis. Some are even suggestive and kinky, implicitly containing seductive messages.

The app ensures the privacy of the users. You can upload photos and memos, features that resemble Instagram but only between you and spouse. The app also cleverly reminds you of your romantic events, which can be very useful if you are a man because men tend to forget about special dates.

The only downside about Between is that the app does not allow you to make a video call unless you purchase the feature. It has other awesome in-app purchase items, such as more complete collections of emojis, expanded video and audio share capacity, high-quality photo sharing, and multiple uploads.


Love CodingCouple has the basic features that Between also has, such as calendar, in-app call, memos, and photos. Except, there are two other unique features the use of which is up to your imagination.

The first is the real-time sketch feature. You and partner can share your doodles anytime and anywhere. It facilitates your romantic playfulness, instead of relying on an already-made emojis that do not have any authenticity.

The second feature is the Thumbkiss. It makes both your phone and your partner’s to vibrate as you touch the same place in the app. As the name suggests, perhaps the developer wants that feature to accommodate lovebirds who love to kiss their phone screen after a talk.


SextingKouply is an interesting app because instead of facilitating communication between lovers, it focuses more on the reward system. When you please your lover’s heart, you can earn a point as agreed, and Kouply keeps track of the point accumulation.

The app makes a relationship more like a game, which can be either beneficial or disastrous to you. Everyone has their own style of having a relationship. If you want to use the app, make sure you have discussed it thoroughly with your partner, especially if he/she is a sensitive person. Some people even think that using a reward point like Kouply suggests is not a healthy way of nurturing love. It monetizing the love, they say.

Nevertheless, if you are cool with new things, then the app is highly recommended. If you are kinky enough, you and your partner can even use the app to determine who receives the ‘punishment’ this weekend.