Features of the Best Headphones

girl with headphones on mic

Buying a set of headphones can be a very daunting task if you do not know what to look for. The following are some of the features of popular headphones that you need to have in mind.


lady with headphonesThis is a vital feature to look out for when buying a set of headphones. Any headphone will feel okay if worn briefly. However, if worn for long, most of them become uncomfortable. You need to wear the headphones for about twenty minutes before you decide about comfort. The larger the ear cups, the better when choosing the closed-back headphones. For the other types of headphones, the smaller, the better. The leather or fabric padding can soften the pressure.

Weight is a consideration when it comes to long-term comfort. Lighter headphones usually are comfortable. Super-light portable types with foam pads are great for extended listening.


Portability is usually not an issue. If you are listening while doing physical exercise, you should get lightweight, portable designs that are suitable for this. Traditional stationary studio works require the heavy closed-back headphones. Laptops and computers have however made on-location recording popular. Such an application needs sealed-cup, closed-backed headphones which are bulkier. The fold-up designs are portable and will protect your headphones in transit. You should also have a protective case for the recording headphones when traveling.


headphone with cable

Ensure the headphone cable is long enough for your needs. However, avoid exceptionally long cables if possible since they can affect the sound quality negatively. This is by introducing noise and lowering the volume. They also become entangled easily. A better-quality headphone will have a shielded cable to minimize noise. If you buy headphones with very short cables, you may add extensions. Also, check the cable design. Single sided designs have circuity which carries signals to the right earpiece. They are preferable as the double-sided types become tangles easily.


Everyone wants to buy headphones that will last. Durability unfortunately often equates to heavyweight. You can snap or sit on light headphones half more easily than heavy. You have to be careful and keep them in protective cases when not in use. For fold-up design, it is essential to check their hinges for sturdiness. You need to confirm the availability of replacement parts in case you are buying expensive headphones. It may be cheaper replacing the cable than the whole set.


With these features in mind, you can get a pair of headphones that will serve you best. Also, consider the price tag of the headphones as it may determine the features that the headphones come with.